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Niki Amos


With over 24 years of licensed expertise, Niki stands out in the competitive real estate industry through her unwavering dedication to clients. Her personalized approach, treating each client uniquely and valuing their trust and relationships, underscores her commitment to delivering exceptional service. Recognized with prestigious awards such as the RE/MAX Most Cooperative Spirit Award in 2022, Niki's professionalism, passion for her craft, and field expertise shine through.

Niki's commitment to communication, market knowledge, and ensuring seamless transactions reflects her genuine care for her clients' needs. Emphasizing the importance of providing support and information at every stage of the real estate process, Niki helps clients make well-informed decisions.

At the core of Niki's ethos is the Golden Rule, ensuring that every client feels like a top priority. Her offer to assist without obligation, driven solely by the desire to provide support, underscores her dedication to helping others. Choosing to work with Niki provides a unique opportunity for those seeking a trustworthy, dedicated, and easily approachable Realtor®️ in Louisiana.

On a personal note, Niki's interests span music, learning, cooking, nature, traveling, animals, and playing games. A proud mother of two grown sons—Garrett, with a BS in Nursing, and Tyler, with a BS in Geology—she shares her home with a small, white fur baby named Sissy. Additionally, Niki actively contributes to the care of wildlife rehabbing whenever possible.

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